August 21

Science 3


September 20-21, 2016

Use this website to help you with Activity 3 on your Acids/Bases Virtual Lab.



Thursday, September 15, 2016, 6th Period

NO CELL PHONES, NO MUSIC, NO TALKING. You know you can’t comprehend while you’re talking, and you know you don’t do your work while you’re talking. I will be grading ALL of this work. This is the last class period you will have to work on this stuff. Use your time wisely.

If you want to retake your test, email me. Friday is your last chance!!

  1. You have a new Achieve3000 Article assigned to you. It is called 100 Years of “Think”. You have a vocabulary crossword puzzle in Google Classroom to complete as well as your anticipation guide for this article. If you are new to 6th period the class code is:vwef8h. Your claims for the anticipation guide are:
    1. Claim One – Data can be stored as a series of punches on a paper card.
    2. Claim Two – Computers work by rapidly turning tiny switches off and on.
  2. Finish the self-paced PearDeck if you did not last class period. The code is: olmfb
  3. Complete the activity titled “Compounds and Mixtures Activity”  in Google Classroom. Please be super careful when cutting and pasting. If you mess up your document really badly, email me through Google Classroom about it and I can fix it. I will have my computer at my workshop.
  4. If you don’t see the assignment, scroll down. I promise it is there
  5. When you are finished with all work for me, you may read a book or complete an assignment for another class. No games (this includes Cool Math), no cell phones, no music. Do something that will help improve your grades (like study) or read a book.


Tuesday-Tuesday, September 6-13, 2016

  1. Log-in to PearDeck and complete the self-paced Deck. Make sure to do your best because I will be grading these
  2. Check the board for the Join Code.
  3. Follow the directions for each slide. Add the underlined portions to your notes.
  4. When you complete the Pear Deck go to this website and complete the activity: Separating Mixtures
  5. After you have completed numbers 1-4, go to Google Classroom and complete the assignment. Directions are at the top of the Google Document assignment. Assignment is called Compounds and Mixtures Activity